NEW PRACTICE GUIDELINES - What to expect on your next visit

Once you have confirmed your appointment, I will then email to you several forms to read through to complete and return if possible before your appointment, this will help me to be better prepared to meet your needs and make more efficient use of time at your initial appointment.

I will contact you just before your appointment to check if you are still Ok to attend.

Please bring to your appointment:

  • Your own towel or blanket for cover, freshly washed and handled with clean hands, transported in a suitable bag

  • Tissues

  • A pen (I will be asking you to sign several short forms at every appointment and it is advisable not to share a pen)

At your appointment:

I will be wearing PPE which may make communication a bit difficult please feel free to ask for anything to be repeated.

When you arrive for your appointment, please wait to be collected.

Please leave all unnecessary items at home or in your car

Enter the practice through the Grey door to the right of the building.

When entering the practice you will be asked to:

  • Remove you coat, boots etc and place in the storage box provided.

  • Remove your gloves and face mask and place them in the PVC bag provided or else dispose of them in the foot operated peddle bin. Gloves that have been worn outside have a higher risk of contaminate than clean washed hands. A new disposable mask will be provided.

  • Wash your hands with soap in the cloakroom or use the provided alcohol gel.

Once in the treatment room:

  • I will ask you to re-confirm some COVID-19 screening questions and I may also take your temperature using a non contact thermometer.

  • Other than that the appointment will be just as before.

After your appointment:

We can arrange a follow up appointment if needed for you by email or phone, as before this will be confirmed once payment has been received and again this can be done via PayM or bank transfer.


  • Please do not arrive with out an appointment.

  • With the exception of children and patients with carers, you should come alone.

I understand that this all sounds like a lot but safety remains the priority, however in reality its really all very straight forward and quick so don’t worry, I will be there to guide you through this but if you have any further questions regarding a 'Face to Face' appointment please feel free to phone the practice.

Many thanks and Kindest regards
Dev Naraine
January 2021